What Is CSS? I Thought This Was Supposed to Be Easy Squarespace ?!

Congratulations on building your Squarespace site. Your vision is about to come to life. The template you’ve chosen is going to make you look like a pro! However, as you begin the layout some complications begin to surface. Perhaps you use this amazing font on your logo and marketing material, where to add it? Why are font choices so limited? How come this border can’t be moved? Why can’t you create columns on that footer? What is this stupid section and why can’t I get rid of it? Where is the setting for the simple thing I need to do??! And what is this squarespace developer platform thing?

A google search may bring you to a solution in something called CSS with some tidbit of code. And you think, ok, maybe this will work, but it doesn’t. What is CSS and why am I even messing with this? I’m not a web developer, I just need a website live today, more like, needed it yesterday and this is taking too much of my time? UGH, the frustration!

Unfortunately, you still need to know a bit of code to get webpages to do exactly what you want. Unless you’re happy using the same templates available to your competitors and anyone with a mass marketed Squarespace account. In a nutshell, you’re stuck with the same generic templates and functionality as everyone else. What does this say about your brand or company?

Customization requires coding, whether it’s adding responsiveness to your webpage or fixing some odd bug that crops up on an outdated iphone. No solution will come out of the box with any web builder you choose, whether that be Squarespace or WordPress and don’t even get started on Wix. So what is this CSS thing and where do I begin learning?

CSS stands for cascade styling sheet, which for most of you reading, probably won’t care. Unless you decide to jump into a career in front end web development, you’ll probably forget what that means by the time you’re done reading this article. What does it do? To put it into laments terms, it styles your webpages to look how you want it. Squarespace has already done most of this for you, so you’re just laying the pieces of puzzle together, except for the things you don’t have access to, that require code and CSS hacking.

If you know a thing or 2 about HTML, you’ll be familiar with tags like h1, h2, h3 and p. CSS can tell these tags what to do. Whether to make a font bigger, move it around the page or even hide the tag. It does a whole lot more than that, but unfortunately it’s not something that can all be learned in one blog post. If you really want to learn the basics, there’s free courses on codecademy.com and everything you would ever need to know here @ www3schools.com/css/ .

The other option is to contact us here @ influent to discuss what customizations you’re looking to do. Whether you’ve already started a site, hired an incompetent developer who hasn’t delivered what you want, or just need to top off the finishing touches, we’re here to help. We intuitively understand squarespace development, coding and customization. Maybe you just need that one thing added or element changed…┬áDon’t worry, we won’t criticize or judge your work.